ram setu brige the debate about whether Ramsay to being natural or a man -man-made brige isis going on from years many discussion have to led to some interesting think that make us astounded about ram setu brige is a cause way that is created across the sea connection bunbun island in tamilnadu to minar island in srilanka scientific studies have determined that the path straight is is a natural bridge fromedby livestone sholals

satellite image ram setu brige(Adam’s Bridge)

interesting fact about ram satu (Adam-Bridge)

according to hindu mythology it was built by lord rama with the help of the vanara or monkey army he had to construct this to rich srilanka as his wife sita was kidnapped and was imprisoned there surprisingly the time of ramayana which is 5000BCE and the carbon analysis of the bridge sink properly

we can confirm mytholy only through historically evidence some belive ram setu is the only archaeological and historical evidenceof the ramayana detailing of the construction the epic can be related tosome scientific theories how ever it is hard to belive everything through a methodological perspective it sait that rama brige was abovethe sea level even the some historical records suggest that was a walkable til the 15th century

why ram setu called nala setu

because it was nala who was the architect of the designer behind the bridge in ramayana and the ADAMS brige came from some ancient Islamic text referring to adam speak in srilanka adam suppose speak in sri lanka adam is supposed to have fallen inthis part of the earththe reefs of path straight scientific studies revealed that is a liner

length of ram setu

according to the science it is naturally formed causeway which connects the pump an island to minar island total lenth 32 miles (48 kilo meter)the studies of oceanography

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